Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go-Dee FUN!

So...I'm not a good Blogger...but here is the latest...

I can't explain how much I appreciated everything Joey and Rachel did for me and the boys while we were over there visiting them. Its memories we, the boys ecspecially, will never forget. The laughter we shared, the conversations of joy, worry, and silliness we shared has brought me closer to them ...I respect and love them so much.

First, Avery was adorable...she makes us laugh, smile, and wish that we had her spunk, her strenght.

Second, Ansely is a true blessing, sweet as can be. I was amazed by her calmness, despite our noise levels. Her heavy sleeping as she was shuffled from one set of hands to another.

And lastly to joey and rachel, I never laughed so hard...I never thought I would love a goady water park so much, laugh at containers of MAYO, and lose horribly at golf (ok, I knew I would lose at golf). Kimi and I went down there with the intentions of taking care of YOU, pampering, cooking, handling the babies...and instead you treated us to a wonderful amazing trip...there are no words of gratitude ...

I'm grateful for

THe magic glasses that moved the van windown up and down, Go- dee water (anthony told avery "you don't want this water its grodey (sp)"...she said "No, I don't want go-dee water"...catch phrase for the week...

Avery dressed Anthony as a (questionable) to come.

I don't even want to say what a Fanny is...but joey we got many of laughs from that on the way home.

Taylor spiting in my face ...thanks to joey teaching the kids to spit of a bridge on a winding day...I was in the line of fire ...

For Kimi's Adult Grab Bag...

For Joey feeding me Chocolate stomach thanks you...

Rachel's relaxed and go with the flow attitude..

Haha, for Rachel waking us up (we tried really hard to stay awake for another Arrested Development) to put us all to bed.

more to come as I remember and download pics

I have many blessings in my is allowing me the time off and money to visit Ansely and Avery and another is allowing this special family to be apart of mine...cheezey things I couldn't say when I was there.
Of course I forgot my camera so I will try to download pic soonn...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Flies!

Jul 2010 Aug 2009

(FYI...So I can't keep up with the one family blog that I have but yet I decided to take on another. I've added a weight loss blog and hope to find some followers.)

As for the family blog...

School starts next week and I look foward to the shorter days and cooler weather. I'm actually craving the earlier schedule. The boys are growing up quickly and each new school year reminds me of how fast time flies. Before I know it the boys will be heading off to college instead of the nearest bus stop.
Just the other day Christopher was contemplating where his brothers would sleep once he had his own house. He said ..."Mom, where will Niki and Anthony sleep" I said..."what do you mean...they'll sleep in their rooms"...."No mom, where will they sleep in my house...I guess Niki could sleep on the couch but where will Anthony sleep."
I can't explain how stinkin cute this conversation was...he really thought that when he got his own place naturally his brothers would live with him...however they would not have their own rooms for some reason!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wow, you are right dad

So, I may or may not try this blogging thing again. I read Joey and Rachel's update and thought that maybe I should give it a try. Then I noticed my dad's comment. So maybe its time to share...share in my thoughts on weight loss, kids, and more...tune in for more...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So, I had a great bday! thanks gandma and grandpa for my special card. george treated me friday morning to a crackel barrel breakfast after the kids went to school. I even looked around the shop w/o george getting antsy to leave. That night we enjoyed Princess Bride w/ pizza. I always celebrate my bday all weekend so the next day I got a bday massage and cheesecake instead of bday cake. And then sunday we went to church and then bday dinner. I split up all the calorie splurges. The pics I took of us before church. aren't my boys so wonder look at the mom! hahaha!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Time

Its not every evening we have time to spend together outside. Anthony is just learning to ride his bike without training wheels so we all decide to take a bike ride. Its been nice and cool in the evenings so it was perfect.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Journal

So, I liked what Kim and Kaley do to blog/journal their family memories and it finally inspired me to keep records of our pics and memories the same way. After all I'm no good at scrap booking. My journals consist of bad handwriting and no pics. And all our pictures are scattered throughout our computer. So maybe this is a way to bring it together. I can type and navigate the computer thanks to Dad. Started off early on Prodigy...and if you know what that is then you are old! HAHA! I will add some pics as I get this started but thanks to J & K grahams and J & K grahams..ok that didn't work out the way I planned ...but you know who you are so THANKS!